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Yoga energizes my body, quiets my mind and feeds my soul. It is teaching me things about myself and what it means to stretch the limits and to be joyfully present in the here and now. Maxine is an extraordinary teacher, gentle and challenging, playful and exacting, alwys focused and attentive. In short, Yoga is a gift that I give to myself, and so is my teacher, Maxine.

Peggy Van Antwerp Hill, PhD.
Canon for Communications
Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

Maxine is terrific. She has the remarkable talent to make the class work for each of us, no matter where we are in our practice of Yoga. After completing a ½ marathon in 2005, I decided to train for a marathon. Now that I have run 8 marathons, I do not think I could be ready or recover properly without the practice of Yoga. I tell people who laugh at me for being a man and doing Yoga to come laugh between mile 25 and mile 26 of my next marathon.

Jim Manning
Social Worker for Palmetto AIDS Support Services
& Richland County Councilman

When I started taking Yoga, I was lifting weights 2 times per week and walking or riding my bike. Even though I was doing exercise, I was still stiff in the morning and not very flexible. I noticed right away that I could move more easily and stretch further with less pain or stiffness. I now can perform movements that a year ago would have hurt. Two years ago, I tore my rotator cuff and Yoga has kept me away from surgery and rehab.

Maxine is a great teacher and teaches to whatever level you are at. She is not only extremely knowledgeable of Yoga, but also understands body mechanics and spirituality. She has an effervescent personality and really cares about her students and what is going on in their lives. She loves Yoga and it shows.

Joanne Kightlinger
Tyson Prepared Foods

I have been taking Yoga for a little over a year. I started taking after undergoing a medical procedure to correct a back problem I had had for over 5 years. After experiencing 5 years of chronic back pain with limited physical activity, I really wanted to participate in something that improved the strength and stability of my back. Participating in Yoga is one of the best things I have ever done for my physical and mental wellbeing. Not only do I have more strength, stability and balance but yoga also gives me a much better awareness of my body and state of mind.

Maxine is an exceptional Yoga instructor. I knew nothing about Yoga when I began. At my first class she learned of my purpose for wanting to practice Yoga. During class she was very mindful of my back and did a great job showing me modifications for certain postures so that I would not injure my back. Now I can do just about anything! I receive individual attention at each class, and she ensures that her students do postures safely which I like. She is wonderful at accommodating everyone’s abilities, desires and needs.

Rebecca Rowan
Nurse Practitioner

Due to stresses in my life six months ago, I felt the need to find something to do for just me. I thought it would be a little time of relaxation and some stretching. The pain in my shoulder and assorted other glitches in my body were just normal and were just part of life.

But I couldn’t raise my right arm over my head without intense pain and couldn’t even sit cross-legged without discomfort. My hands would grow numb when held out to my sides and my back ached just lying flat. After just a couple of weeks, I began noticing a difference. Each week I could do a little more, move a little freer, be in postures a little better. After a couple of months, others commented that I moved differently and my appearance was different than it had been. My posture improved as well as my ability to move my arms above my head pain free.

I have enjoyed the people, the atmosphere and discovering the new space in my body. I can now sit cross-legged and will also remember when the entire class rejoiced with me the day I touched my toes the first time- -the first time in a LONG LONG time.

Pamela Kaufman

I wrote “yoga” on my calendar a month before actually taking my first class. Wow! What took me so long?

What an experience! My right hip has a bit of arthritis and I’d gotten accustomed to the dull ache. The last time it ached was before my first Yoga class. I am amazed at the immediate response from my body. It’s further amazing what Yoga has done for my sense of confidenceand self-esteem. There’s a tremendous calming effect on my emotional self too.

Most of all, I appreciate Maxine’s humor, caring and the pure joy she receives and shares in life. The past year was a tough one. During that first class, I knew I’d found a place where I could be accepted as I am and continue to work on becoming whole again. Thank you, Maxine, for teaching me how to breathe.

Helen Summer
Retired Social Worker

I see my Yoga practice as a way of being good to my “selves”. It is one that brings my physical, spiritual and emotional beings together and positively affects the whole. I love the time it affords me to concentrate on me and my well being, and I have a sense of being centered, empowered and focused after my Yoga sessions.

Maxine is always upbeat – making the class fun and comfortable for everyone. She is a bright spot in my days! I am so glad I found Infinite Yoga.

Sheila Clause
Facility Coordinator
South Carolina Archives & History Center

As a therapist, I refer clients to Yoga regularly. I do this because I practice and love good systemic, experiential therapy. I believe it can be extremely healing. Because I believe in the whole mind-body-soul connection and because I believe in the reality of energy and energy flow and blocks, I especially like to refer clients who I believe are struggling with energy blocks. This is often manifested by depression and anxiety. While I am working to move psychic and spiritual energy during a session in my office, I know that Yoga can compliment that on a physical level. Also, I have found Yoga to be extremely helpful in keeping people fliexible in body and mind, and I have found that people can learn to relax and not strive all the time.

Another reason I refer clients to Yoga is that I have seen the benefits in my own life after a decade of practicing. Yoga parallels my spiritual journey, and everything that is true in Yoga is true in the spiritual world. For me, that world is the Christian faith, but Yoga is a beautiful adjunct to any spiritual journey.

Additionally, Maxine has a natural ability to combine the physicality of Yoga with the emotional and spiritual aspects of the discipline. As well as being well-trained and educated, she has a beautiful practice of Yoga herself. Most notably, though, she is an authentic human being who truly cares about her students and has a way of encouraging and bolstering personal growth in those she teaches.

Amy Sander Montanez
Spiritual Director