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Welcome to Infinite Yoga!

Infinite Yoga welcomes you to celebrate yourself, invite your heart to smile and find joy in the present moment as you explore the world of yoga.  All of the classes are taught in a multi-level style.  So whether you are completely new to yoga or an advanced practitioner, there is a place for you in each class. For your convenience, classes are offered throughout the Greater Columbia area.

Not only will you experience many health and physical benefits, but your mind will be calmed, your emotions balanced and your spirit lifted.  With Infinite Yoga you will be encouraged to be generous and gracious to yourself as well as embrace and honor yourself exactly where you are while at the same time creating space for transformation and growth. Enjoy the balance of being completely engaged and energized  while also being fully at ease and relaxed.

Come.  Discover the infinite possibilities that await you in yoga.

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Joy and Peace,
Maxine Deutschendorf

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